–When the soul was satisfied, your body and mind knew it. When the soul wasn’t satisfied, you were half-souless in the constant search for your whole soul. For a couple of years while she was in love with him, she didn’t think about being alone, even though she didn’t think she would be with him […]

She observed him in his unmistakable control of himself as well as of her; she had waited to see him for months and now when she was finally standing in front of him, she knew that they would be saying goodbye in less than an hour. She wanted to convey all of his movements and […]

I’m standing in the middle of nowhere, wanting to go everywhere. I have lost everyone and everything I have wanted. How are we supposed to start all over again when there is nothing to hold on to? I’m holding on to my emotions even though they are wrong. You are wrong for me. I want […]

In the middle of another rainy and cold summer day I find myself without any breath, suffocating in my own thoughts, presumptions and the lack of any clue about anyone else’s thoughts. I wish I knew everything, I felt everything and I believed in everyone again. I’m blank and senseless with the presence of so […]

There are no disappointments in the transparency of despair; only the obsessions of lost experiences exist to remind us that the more we get obsessed the more we lose our hopes. It is inevitable to desire something and not search for it, but the line between desire and fix idea is thin, if there is […]

I always thought I was torn between the unattainable and the available, but at the end of the day, we have two choices – to keep longing for the unattainable and feel lonely, or settle for the available and feel lonely again. Every well – considered decision seemed to take away the excitement of the […]